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AFC Terrestrial Microwave Conical Horn Reflector Antennas

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Conical Horn Reflector Antennas
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Expandable horn systems from the specialistsHorn antenna systems are AFC's specialty .
Antennas For Communications offers full design and manufacturing capabilities for Conical Horn Reflector Antenna Systems. AFC's monolithic antenna designenables a level of horn precision that no metal horn can match. There are no seams on the reflector or radome to affect the radiation pattern, and no moisture intrusion, with AFC's proprietary moldingprocess. AFC is recognized as a world leader in the development of 7-, 8-, and 10-foot models offering performance which has long been the industry standard. Expandability and competitive price areadditional benefits. AFC offers its customers a complete line of waveguide, combining networks, couplers, hangers, and dehydrators. Our experienced erection team is capable of handling anyinstallation, whether atop a skyscraper or on a mountainside.

The Critical Horn The AFC Advantages Advantages
Experience works for you- Years as a telephone industry [-spec] horn suppliernationwide (and offshore). Ours is the standard. Choice of mounts - Platform or side-tower mounts available to meet your application needs. Color options - AFC white is standard, but your color can easily bematched. Single frequency or multiband- AFC networks enable you to

Multi-band operation Very low sidelobes Superb


AFC Terrestrial MicrowaveConical Horn Reflector Antennas Superb crosspolarization discrimination (XPD)

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Single frequency or multiband- AFC networks enable you to combine up to three bands on one antenna; AFCcouplers are available with single- or dual-polarized operation from 1.7 GHz to 17 GHz. Fully equipped horns- Every AFC antenna arrives complete with stabilizers, adjustment tools, lightning rods,...
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