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Principal Characters

Name: Ebenezer Scrooge

Characteristics: Scrooge is an angry person who doesn’t believe in Christmas, so a group of ghost isgoing to took him to the past, the present and the future of Scrooge Christmas life, to tell that he is wrong.

Characteristics: He was a very good partner of scrooge, when Marley died, scroogecontinued with the business alone. So one day Marley’s ghost appeared on Scrooge room to tell him that they will visit hem (past, present, future).

Name: Jacob MarleyName: The spirit of the past

Characteristics: It was a girl spirit that travel Scrooge to his past life to tell aboutthat in the past he was a very happy in Christmas.

Name: The present spirit

Characteristics: It was a fat man who travel hem to him thepresent where he showed Scrooge a group of people where happy celebrating Christmas.

Name: the spirit of the future
Characteristics: It was one of the spirits whoscared Scrooge. He travels him to the future when Scrooge died. Scrooge doesn’t believe that this was really happening.

Secondary Characters

Name: Bob CratchitCharacteristics: He was the clerk of Scrooge who works with him every day. Bob spent holidays in a dark little room, a kind of a cupboard, next to his employee´soffice.

Name: The nephewCharacteristics: He was also a person who works a lot with Scrooge, he tell him what was the meaning of “Merry Christmas”....
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