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Aristotle defined the human being as the “zoom politikon”, which means the -political animal- that must be understood as the one that onlylives in the “polis” (the community). The one aislated from the others cannot be considered human. It’s believed that the human ancestors lives in anindividual way and their first sign of evolution is when they start getting together to defend themselves from the environment and other creatures.That’s why is a fact already accepted that the main characteristic from the human being is the living in society.
Through history, humans and theirsocieties have evolved in all fields: scientific, technological, cultural and social. Right now we specifically care about social evolution, which is possiblethanks to the creation of rules of conduct that help humans coexist and solve the problems in a pacific and ordered way.
Marco Tulio Cicerón, thedistinguished roman affirmed: “ubis civitas, ibis ius” -if there is society, there´s also right-. This means that the essential element that is needed ina group so it can be called society is that is lives under the existence of rules.
With this two essential elements: society and right, we are inthe place to make the following investigation.
For this work, we are going to pay special attention to the juridical law that is the one proponed bythe state. To this type of laws we will refer as Right.
The right, as air, is everywhere. From simple things, to difficult and complicated issues.
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