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Alternatives for the Camp and the Farmers


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What isAlternare?

Alternare, A.C. is a non lucrative organization dedicated to the development of environmental education processes in rural communities.

Since its creation, in February 1998, Alternareprovides the farmers the proper training in using alternative production techniques that benefit the recovery and conservation of our natural resources, bringing immediate benefits and the opportunity ofa dignified way of life.

The organization is actually constituted by a group of professional people dedicated to conservation and a group of experienced farmers.

The methodology is designed sothat as the farmers construct their life project, nobody will impose anything. Alternare believes that farmers will learn more from listening and sharing experiences with experienced farmers, so oureducational method will be from farmer to farmer.

Vision, Method, and Purpose


Achieve a change of attitude towards the use, treatment and value of our natural resources.

VisionAchieve an integrated community development in rural areas.

Main Objective
Improve life quality in rural communities.
Maintain and recover our natural resources.


Alternative modelof sustainable production

. Alternare is actually working with 24 groups consisting of approximately 250 families in
seven different communities.

Local Instructors.

. Up to date wecount with three groups of instructors. The first generation consists of six
instructors, four of them work as model promoters. The second generation counts with
seven young people who...
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