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Circulating through the world of language

The man is from the biological point of view an animal species under the scientific name of Homo sapiens
Also known generically as the man or men, although that term is ambiguous as it is mostly used to refer to male individuals. humans may possess mental abilities that allow them to invent, learn and use complex linguistic structures, mathematics,writing, science, technology. Humans are social beings, capable of conceiving, transmit and learn totally abstract concepts. There is no evidence that there is another way of life with such superior capabilities in the universe.
In the past, the genus Homo was more diversified, and during the last year and a half million included other species extinct. Homo sapiens is the only species of thegenus homo known that endures.
Until recently, biology using a name for this species homo sapiens, but more recently has ruled the phylogenetic link between Neanderthals and present humanity, so only the name is used binomial. homo sapiens belongs to a lineage of primates, evolutionarily differed in africa and the ancestor of the family came as part hominids.
The man almost know the scope andtarget of their own species. Philosophically, the human being has been defined and redefined itself in many ways throughout history, granting a purpose thus positive or negative about their own existence. Various religious and philosophical ideals systems, according to a diverse range of cultures and individual ideals, and function are intended to answer some of those existential questions. Humanshave the ability to be aware of themselves and their past, they know they have the power to plan, process and undertake projects of various types. According to this capacity, have established various moral codes and dogmas directly oriented to the management of these capabilities. They may also be aware of responsibilities and risks from nature and other human beings.
Means of communication amonghumans through oral and written signs that have meaning. In a broader sense, means any method used to communicate.
One of the biggest questions raised those studying linguistics issues common to the origin of human language. To date there have been various hypotheses that try to shed some light on this question but, unfortunately, the final answer has not been found ... in this part of the paper,we refer to theories or hypothesis of the origin of language there briefly, to get an idea of ​​the topic.
Communication is the exchange of information between two or more people and is an essential in everyone's life. You could almost say that people living in as they communicate with each other. From birth, the child communicates with his mother, and his mother with him. When hungry, hecries, when he's happy, smiling, but also when his mother hugs him, he felt his warmth, his love and this gives you security and confidence, by smell or hearing, the baby recognizes his mother and understands that he's with her. These are only some examples of how mother and child interact constantly.
In addition, communication encompasses many facets of human life, and good interaction with othersprovides the basis for the development and growth of people. Remember that man is a social being and as such, needs both physically and mentally the relationship with others. In short, the importance of communication is such that only deserves a section to it.

As discussed in the different sections, very attached to communication is language. There is widespread evidence the relationshipbetween language and thought, therefore its importance in the development of human beings is vital. If you also remember that this area is particularly difficult not only for children but also for adults with Down syndrome, the existence of the section is amply justified.

The sections that make up this section are directed primarily to parents and families of people with Down syndrome, to students...
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