Artucule for an school magazine

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Article for an school magazine

Cyber education

Should computers be used in the classroom? Because technology is evolving nearly everyday, computers are now a necessity in the modernworld. In my opinion kids everywhere must have access to computers whether it be in schools, or their homes.

Most schools will require teachers to incorporate computer use into the grade levelcurriculum. Therefore the teacher needs to learn to effectively use the computer as both a personal and instructional tool. In this way they will able to help to navigate the students throughany site, podcasts, video and multimedia, and web-courses inclusive.
On the other hand some teachers are hesitant to introduce computer time into the classroom because they view this as a formof "free time" or they may not be confident in their own computing skills. However, I think that when governed and lead properly, there are several benefits. For example, students gain wordprocessing skills when learning to type, something they will need in college and the workplace.
What is more working on computers fosters collaboration between students and between the studentand teacher as they work together on projects. Often, as a result, leaders emerge who really enjoy computers and can help others, which is useful to classmates and the teacher.
Not to mentionthe fact that computer time promotes using higher order thinking skills and is a natural form of discovery through trial and error. Furthermore it increases responsibility, independence and asense of accomplishment.

In conclusion, computers are how we now communicate and if social media is used only for educational purposes and limits are set in place, then in the classroom can bebeneficiary and a great educational tool.This will only occur with adequate training and development of teachers’ knowledge as I consider young people today are already fairly tech-savvy.
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