An Eye For An Eye

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1. The title of the story is “An eye for an eye” it is an expression which was originated by a Latin law, Lex talionis, and it is refers when a person commits an injury it’s worth he or she receives another injury, this is to say a retributive justice. For example a girl cheats on her boyfriend; it is fair he cheats on her.
Solicitor: a type of lawyer in Britain who gives legal advice,prepares the necessary documents when property is bought or sold, and defends people, especially in the lower courts of law.

Junior consel: a body of barrister who are lower in rank than the King’s Counsel or Queen’s Counsel, and who plead outside the bar in the court.

Manslaughter: the crime of killing someone illegally but not deliberately.

Acquittal: an official statement in a court oflaw that someone is not guilty.

Plea of mitigation: a statement in court on behalf of a guilty party to persuade the court to impose a lenient sentence.

Barrister: a lawyer in Britain who can argue cases in the higher law courts.

The Bar: lawyers who are allowed to argue a case in a higher court.

Pathologist: the study of the causes and effects of illnesses.

Prosecuting Counsel:a lawyer acting for the prosecution.

Witness Box: the place in a court of law where a witness stands to answer questions

4. Sir Matthew Roberts was not at all confident about Mary Banks’ plea of not gulty because her husband had subjected her during the eleven years of their marriage.

5. Sir Matthew Roberts gazed over the courtyard and wished he made a good decision. As the doors of hischambers were thick he had to holler so as the person from the other side could hear. He peered up at Bernard Casson, a solicitor of the old school. Mrs Banks remained adamant that she was innocent. When Sir Matthew first saw the thirty-seven-year-old woman he was taken aback. The first thing he did in order to prove her was to thrust out a hand. She told him the story of the frying pan and that sheducked to avoid it but it was late. After the incident, she passed out and collapsed onto the kitchen floor. Witheringtone plucked his eye out so as to call Mrs Banks’s attention.

6) “If He had bestowed any other talents on him, they were not yet to be revealed”. It applies to Hugh Witherington. The sense of this sentence is to describe the young counsel as a person with no brains and whodidn’t have any gift.

7) Proofs against Mrs Banks
a) When Mr Banks’s body was dug up, there were traces of Mrs Banks’s blood on the collar of his shirt.
b) When the axe was found the following day, a hair from Mrs Banks’s head was discovered lodged in its handle.
c) Mrs Banks was usually seen injured: bruised, with a black eye, bleeding from cuts around the head or nursing a broken arm.8. In the quote “That might have made it easier for someone to come and kill Mr Banks!” applies at the fact that the only person who usually visited the farm was the postman. Villagers refuse to venture beyond the front gate. If any of them entered the house and killed Mr Banks, it would have been less suspicious than if the postman for example killed him. It is one of the few quotations saidby Witherington.

9. Sir Matthew wants to change Mrs Bank’s plea because he wanted to show that she killed her husband.

10. Mr Casson didn’t introduce Witheringtone because he didn’t consider him important or essential in the interview and thought he wasn’t going to contribute with it. Moreover Casson didn’t thought the other one was going to make goods comments to the interview.

11. Thefirst thing Sir Matthew did in order to prove Mrs Banks was pretending, was greeting at her with his right hand, however she didn’t move a single muscle.

12. The second attempt was with a cup of coffee. Sir Matthew started to push it towards the edge of the table, and finally the cup fell off and shattered on the stone floor. Mrs Banks jumped nervously but didn’t turn to look in the...
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