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building a children's home - or anything, in fact. I have never seen you before."
The young man was starting to get annoyed.
"Now look here! Don't try those tricks on me!"
"These are no tricks,young man."
The young man went straight up to Luke. He put his face right in front of Luke's.
"Do you know what? I think diere is a big trick here, because if you were really Luke Harrison, you'dcertainly know me!"
For a moment, Luke was shocked. If he was really Luke Harrison! Then he spoke.
"Nowjüst what exactly are you trying to say? I advise you to think carefully before you say anymore!"
"Don't think you can threaten me - it's you who is in the dangerous position, not me."
"That's enough! Just get out of my office - now!"
Luke walkecl towarcls the young man, and the young manwalkecl towarcls the cloor. But as he openecl the cloor, the young man liad the last word.
"Remember - he who clares, wins!"
Then he walkecl out and slammed the cloor behincl him. Luke was shaking.How did the young man know about the expression? It was something that Luke and Jake liad used between them. Who was this man? Luke sat clown and lit a cigarette.
The telephone in front of him rang. Hepicked it up.
"Helio? Is that Luke Harrison?"
"Yes, it is. Who is speaking?"
"Well, it cloesn't really matter who is speaking. It's what I have to say that is important."
"Oh, yes it. cloesmatter! Who are you?"
"Be quiet and listen! Tve got news for you, bad news. It's about that new office block you're building."
The voice was slow, teasing him. Luke spoke sharply into the telephone."Who are you? And what about my office block?"
"Well, you see, there's been an aá§t$,Bnt. Fire. A nasty fire. And it's burnéd your office block. There's not mucb left of it now. Sad really. Just when itwas nearly finished."
Luke was really frightened. He shouted into the phone.
"What are you talking about? Who are you? And what has happened to my office block?"
"Oh, dear! Don't you understancl...
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