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Actual Size Display Performance: Clear Object-Level Display Settings Display Perf.: Fast Display Display Perf.: HQ Display Display Perf.: Typical Display Entire Pasteboard Fit Page in Window Fit Spread in Window Hide Rulers Overprint Preview Show Frame Edges Show Text Threads Structure: Show Structure Zoom In Ctrl+1 £+Ctrl+F2 Ctrl+Alt+HCtrl+Alt+Z £+Ctrl+Alt+0 Ctrl+0 Ctrl+Alt+0 Ctrl+R £+Ctrl+Alt+Y Ctrl+H Ctrl+Alt+Y Ctrl+Alt+1 Ctrl+0, Ctrl+Num + Zoom Out Ctrl+-, Ctrl+Num 200% size Ctrl+2 400% size Ctrl+4 50% size Ctrl+5 Ctrl+5 Access zoom percentage box Ctrl+Alt+5

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£+Ctrl+F9 £+Ctrl+Alt+F9

Copy Cut Deselect All Duplicate Edit in Story Editor Find NextFind/Change... Paste Paste Into Paste in Place Paste without Formatting Preferences: General... Quick Apply... Redo Select All Spelling: Check Spelling... Step and Repeat... Undo Update Content

Ctrl+F9 Backspace, Ctrl+ Backspace, Delete, Ctrl+Delete Ctrl+C Ctrl+X £+Ctrl+A £+Ctrl+Alt+D Ctrl+Y Ctrl+Alt+F Ctrl+F Ctrl+V Ctrl+Alt+V £+Ctrl+Alt+V £+Ctrl+V Ctrl+K Ctrl+Enter £+Ctrl+Z Ctrl+A Ctrl+I Ctrl+Alt+UCtrl+Z Ctrl+F5

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Ctrl+¨ £+Ctrl+¨ Ctrl+Ü £+Ctrl+Ü £+Ctrl+Alt+K Ctrl+8 £+Ctrl+Alt+8 Ctrl+Alt+M £+Ctrl+E £+Ctrl+Alt+C £+Ctrl+Alt+E Ctrl+Alt+E Ctrl+Alt+C Ctrl+Alt+0 Ctrl+G Ctrl+L£+Ctrl+Alt+¨ £+Ctrl+Alt+Ü Ctrl+Alt+¨ Ctrl+Alt+Ü Ctrl+B Ctrl+Alt+3 Ctrl+Alt+4 £+Ctrl+M £+Ctrl+G Ctrl+Alt+L

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Delete character to the left Backspace, Text: £+Backspace Delete character to the Delete, Text: £+Delete right Delete word to the left Ctrl+Backspace Delete word to the right Ctrl+Delete Move to beginning of story Ctrl+Home Move to end of story Ctrl+End Move to theend of the line End Move one character Left / Right Arrow Move one word Ctrl+Left / Right Arrow Move to the next/ previous Ctrl+Down / Up Arrow paragraph Move to the start of the line Home Move up one line Up Arrow Select line £+Ctrl+< Select one character £+Left or Right Arrow Select one line above/be- £+Up / Down Arrow low Select one paragraph be- £+Ctrl+Up Arrow fore Select one paragraph for-£+Ctrl+Down Arrow ward Select one word £+Ctrl+Left / Right Arrow Select to beginning of story £+Ctrl+Home Select to end of story £+Ctrl+End Select to end of the line £+End Select to start of the line £+Home


Special Characters(T)
Column Break Forced Line Break Frame Break Page Break Paragraph Return Discretionary Hyphen Em Dash En Dash Nonbreaking Hyphen Current Page Number Indentto Here Right Indent Tab Tab Double Left Quotation Marks Double Right Quotation Marks Single Left Quotation Mark Single Right Quotation Mark Straight Double Quotation Marks Straight Single Quotation Mark Bullet Character Copyright Symbol Ellipsis Paragraph Symbol Registered Trademark Symbol Section Symbol Trademark Symbol Em Space En Space Nonbreaking Space Thin Space Show Hidden Characters...
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