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World Aids Day/Safe Sex Marketing Plan


To raise awareness of World Aids Day
To raise funds for HIV/AIDS charities working locally
To improve the sexual health of Salford residents (Improving health in Salford pledge)
To run an effective campaign that highlights brand values – innovative, pragmatic and caring.


To reduce the rate of increase in Sexually TransmittedInfections (STIs).
To reduce the number of Salford residents, becoming infected with HIV

The incidence of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) is growing rapidly, particularly in the late teens to early 30’s age group.
The number of new cases of HIV is growing rapidly in Salford.

World Aids Day presents a great opportunity to run a sexual health campaign, which will help toachieve our pledges, while showing Salford to be innovative, enterprising and caring.

The strap line ‘Getting it on IN Salford’ is proposed. This relates to both sexual activity as well as getting a condom on. It also allows for humorous delivery of a very serious message - sex is fun, but without protection the results may be deadly (Appendix 1).

Key Audiences

The national World Aids Daymessage is that anyone can be affected by HIV/AIDS. Audiences are:
▪ Salford citizens.
▪ Young to middle aged adults.
▪ Employees of the Council.

Getting the message across

The campaign will run from 15 November to 3 December
Proposed initiatives include:

▪ Three bridge panels on East Lancashire road displaying the message ‘Getting it on IN Salford’ (Appendix 1). Thesewill also the URL
▪ Information stalls run jointly with the PCT providing literature on HIV and Aids as well as free contraception and advice
▪ Beer mats in pubs, the University and FE colleges with ‘Getting it on IN Salford’ and safe sex message/HIV statistics on reverse to target younger people
▪ Condoms in pubs, the University, FE colleges and some healthcentres with ‘Getting it on IN Salford’, URL and telephone numbers of George House Trust and National Sexual Health Help line.
▪ Short case studies of people living with and working with HIV and Aids for local media, briefing documents and website
▪ Red Ribbons
▪ World Aids Day posters
▪ Wallet sized information cards on HIV/AIDS and support services available
▪ CasualClothes Day on December 1st where Council employees are asked to donate a nominal fee of £1 for the George House Trust
▪ An online auction for goods donated by companies in Salford to raise money for the George House Trust AIDS charity
▪ Web pages about HIV/AIDS and with safe sex advice, links etc.

There are approximately 180 pubs in Salford. We would like to distribute beer mats andcondoms to the majority of these. Distribution will be by Avanti 55 Promotions. A covering letter will be provided.

Given the number of pubs, we are trying to identify pubs with a younger clientele, around the University and Worsley as people in these geographical areas are deemed to be at higher risk.

For more detailed information please see appendix 1.

Performance targets
The world AidsDay project will help to deliver Pledge 1 - to ‘Improving health in Salford’, as well as supporting some of the Best Value Performance Indicators (BVPI’s)
|Sub pledge 4 |Encouraging greater engagement with young people on issues that affect their lives |
|BVPI 197 |Change in the number of conceptions to females aged under 18,resident in the area per thousand females aged 15 – 17|
| |resident in the area, compared with the baseline year of 1998. |
|BVPI 12 |The number of working days/shifts lost due to sickness absence. |
|BVPI 198 |The number of problem drug...
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