Australia and new zealand

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I would like to introduce the book that i have read.the book shows us australia and new zeanland.
in the first part of the book we can read a documental introduction aboutthis two countries;
we can find details about the history,culture,gastronomy and about people who are living there.
Australia is the sixth biggest country in the world(about 7.700.000 squarekilometres),the average climate is hot and dry all year but it depends on which part of australia you live.
the first people were the aborigines in australia,but after people went there from all over theworld to find different culture,job,gold...thatswhy Australia is famous for about its culturemix.
australia has plenty of sources, e.g. minerals, wheat and sheeps. Australia can trade with thesethings as well.
Australia has several beutiful building and monuments(e.g) but it has also a lot of outbacks;
outbacks is a place where people live in a caravan,and they don't have a very good the second part of the book,we can read about New Zealand.
New zealand is a long way from everywhere(3 hours by plane from australia).the first persons who lived there were the Maori,they arephisically strong with brown skin and black hair.
New Zealnad has five very important cities,the biggest called Auckland.In New Zealand we can find the steepest street in the world(the name of thisstreet is Baldwin).
In New Zealand we can find volcanos and glaciers.the climate is warm and rainy;so it is perfect place for farms of all kinds.
Both Australia and New Zealand have plenty of spaceand good weather,so naturally people spend there free time outside,in the gardens doing barbecues...the best sport that they have is Australian football.
My opinion: I have always wanted to go toAustralia. I find this counrty very beautiful. After I have read the book, now I really want to see both of this countries. I find also very interesting the differencies between their and our culture....
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