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Meaning of my name: Jesus Ravi

My name means: The Messiah who saves.
Name Men's Hebrew origin.

Emotive Nature:
Vehement emotional nature. It manifests in artistic expression, matters ofhonor and humor. Love the color, proportion and good spirits. He likes to feel complemented.

Nature Expressive
Insistent. It is expressed in the independence of action and originality ofconcepts. Ama distinguished manners, quality clothing, everything that has value.

Natural talent:
It's practical thinking mind. It is expressed as net and concrete thinker, that assayed valuesand seeks security in the investment of effort or capital. Get increase in activities that require discipline, perseverance, effort, logic and reason. Ama skill, anticipation and realization.Could excel in professions such as contractor, farmer, mechanic, draftsman, civil servant, clerk, factory worker or foreman, accountant or politician.

In Aramaic, the language of first centuryJudea, the name Jesus comes from Yeshua Yahweh is Salvation." Compound that contains the name that corresponds to the Tetragrammaton divine name. It is believed that his followers called him "Rabbiben Ieshua (bar) Yosef"

This name came to Spanish from its equivalent in Hebrew, Yeshua, through the Greek Iēsoûá (Ιησουα) and Latin Iesu (a) and Spanish Jesus. However, it could also betranslated as Joshua, as a further evolution of the same name was to Ieshua Yehoshua and, hence, to Joshua (Joshua and English).

Indra Ravi Nathan, which means the Supreme God of the Sun

Inpoint of view I am happy with two names because they have little in common with my property as a person. Since I am emotional, I like art, I love the color and I like being good with other people.Bibliography
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