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Behavior as an indicator of sexual identity
The behavior is the aggregate of the responses or reactions or movements made by an organism in any situation (Word Reference). The characters Ryan andFrank go on reading Emotional Distortion and the movie Little Miss Sunshine, respectively. The reading Emotional Distortion is about a man who tells his love from the stages of his life. And thefilm tells a family’s trip to a children’s beauty pageant and the problems that they had to overcome to come to the pageant. Although the stories are different, the characters have behaviors that aredescribed in their love lives and how they react to it.
Ryan was a man that when he was twenty one, loves was a mystery for him. When he was in College his introduction to relationships was “only wentas far as drink, drugs and then back to some random girls’ flat”. Ryan never loved a girl; he just told to the girls that they want to hear. But this behavior change when he met Nathaniel at a pubthat he regulated. When Ryan realized that Nathaniel was not gay he took the news calmly. That way he could find their sexual orientation which does know where to go, if it is going to women, men orboth.
Concerning the conduct of Frank he was a homosexual scholar of French author Marcel Proust. He was in loved with someone who does not love him, one of his graduate students. Also he tried tosuicide when he knows that he lost a prize and when he learned who was the partner of whom he was in love. Frank did not have much control of his emotions because when he saw their ex-partner in agas station he became very nervous and angry. In the film can be seen how the problems have led Frank to a depression. This is reflected in their physical appearance.
The behaviors between Ryan andFrank have similarities and differences. Among the similarities are the sexual orientations of both. While the differences are first, acceptance of homosexuality. Because Ryan was seeking his...
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