Benefits Of Using Drama In English Teaching

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Benefits of Using Drama Techniques in English Teaching:

Using drama techniques in English Teaching can lead to an improvement of vocabulary and a promotion of fluency in students.

I. Theimprovement of vocabulary in one of the results of using Drama techniques in English Teaching.

A. Improving understanding and retention of words.

1. Real Conversations.
2. Unforgettableactions.

B. Using language as a means of communication.

1. Meaningful Language production.
2. Conscious and rational use of language.

Improving the understanding and the retention ofwords, and using language as a means of communication can lead to an improvement of vocabulary in English Teaching through drama.

II. Another benefit of using Drama in English Teaching isthat it promotes fluency.

A. Students become familiar to the words and phrases.

1. Repetition.
2. Projection of voices.

B. Students are encouraged to read and listen to others.1. Clear Speaking.
2. Articulation of words.

Students become familiar to the words and phrases; besides, they are encouraged to read and listen to others classmates; as a consequence, thefluency is promoted.

Two of the most significant benefits of using Drama techniques in English teaching are the improvement of vocabulary and the promotion of fluency.

Benefits of using DramaTechniques in English Teaching:

The use of drama in English teaching has been catching the attention of educationists since they realized that they needed a way to make classes more practical andsignificant due to the fact that students tend to practice what they learned only inside the classroom but not outside. In fact, Fernandez and Coil, (1986) stated that “drama encourages students toexercise their sensitivity and imagination and thus it makes learning more realistic and meaningful”; likewise, drama involve different aspects such as body language and gestures, expression of feelings...
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