Biography of rudolf diesel

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Biography of Rudolf Diesel

June, 1st, 2010

Do you care about the enviroment?
Well Rudolf Diesel does care because he has invented the firstsolar-powered air engine and the first Diesel engine.
A diesel engine is an internal combustion engine that uses the heat of compression. The Diesel engine also can be fed with vegetable oils.Rudolg diesel was bor in Paris France, (March 18th, 1858-1913) as the second of three children to Theodor and Elise Diesel. Diesel´s parents were German born immigrants living in France.
Diesel spenthis early childhood in France, but as a result of a war in 1870, the family was force to leave and emigrated to London.
Before the war ended Rudolf´s mother sent him at the age of 12 to Augsburg tolivewith his aunt ans uncle Barbara and Crustoph Barnickel, so he might learn to speak German.
At the age of 14, Rudolf wrote to his parents that he wanted to become an engineer and after finishinghis basic education at the top of his class in 1873, he enroled at the newly-founded industrial school os kl.Augsburg.

Rudolf Diesel received a merit scholarship from the Royal BavarainPolytechnic of Munich wich he accepted against the will of his parents who would rather have seen him begin earning money in 1875.
In 1893 he published a paper describing an engine with compustion within acylinder, the internal combustion engine.
In 1844, he filled for a patent his new invention. He operate his first succesfyll engine in 1897.
Rudolf Diesel was almost killed by his engine when itexploded. However, his engine waas the first that proved that the fuel could be ignited without a spark.

My opinion of Rudolf Diesel´s invetion was that he was a genius because he helped the planetmaking a solar-powered ar engine, and i liked that very much because i love to help the enviroment.
Another thing that i liked about him is the idea of making just one special fuel for only, ships,...
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