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U.S History
Jean Melik Issa

Section 1 assesessment

1. Who was Leif Eriksson?

He was the son of Erik the red, he shared hisfather’s love of adventure.

1b.How did the Vikings eventually established Vinland?

They landed on the Labrador peninsula then they headed to the south to the islandnewfoundland then Eriksson settled In a coastal area and he called it Vinland.

1c. Why do you think the Vikings did not try to colonize the Americas?

The nativesAmericans were like to strong and fierce and the environment was too difficult for the Vikings.

2a. Who was prince henry the navigator?

Was responsible for advancesthat would make exploration more successful.

2b. Why were caravels able to sail against the wind while other ships could not?

Because the caravels usedtriangular sails and the normal used squared sails.

3a.Who was the first explorer to find a sea route from Europe to Asia?

Vasco Da Gama

3b. How did Muslims living inIndia learn Portuguese?

Because the people of India had been trading with Muslims and Italian merchants who knew Portuguese.

3c. How did the slave trade affectWest Africa?

It broke many families, it increased warfare among kingdoms and it devastated African communities.

4.Review your notes on European exploration. thencopy the chart below and use it to explain the reason for the explorations, the technology that made it possible, and the results of the explorations.

reason |They wanted to explore the world and have more lands to expand. |
Technology | So they can make all that possible they needed to make some advances in technology. |
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