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When I think about Broadway, I immediately imagine the bright city lights, honking cars – yes for some reason I imagine the area being completely jammed – the name of the performance in big boldletters above the theatre, and excited, impeccably dressed people surrounding me. I imagine myself holding a playbill – that’s a booklet filled with information on the show you’d be watching, for examplethe cast and the role they’d be playing.

Well, anyways, Broadway in a nutshell, is a place where the crème de le crème of the theatre world – or the ones with the biggest budgets – go to perform.Well, a Broadway theatre - yes there are so many of them, located in the Theatre District, Lincoln Centre, or Manhattan, all of which are in New York City – is very, very grand. The smallest theatrecan seat up to 567 people at a time, while the largest can seat up to 1933 people – that’s nearly two thousand people! That is a lot of people. Can you imagine having nearly two thousand peoplewatching your perform? The thought itself makes me nervous!

Nerves aside, we need to commend the Broadway performers for doing such an amazing job, be it the cast and crew, to the scriptwriters,producers and musicians. Broadway, or the world of theatre, is a powerful tool. It manages to transport the audience into another realm altogether, captivating them, and making them feel like as though theyare right there with the characters in their lives – be it with green ogres in Shrek The Musical, or dancing to ABBA hits with the characters of Mamma Mia!. And if it weren’t for this large team ofpeople with different yet very special talents, coming together to do what they do best, the world of theatre would not still be alive and kicking.

Do any of you remember Kristin Chenoweth? Or betterknown among TV addicts as April Rhodes from Glee? You know, the dumb blonde who had hit rock bottom, was an alcoholic, but returned to high school after Mr. Shue begged her to? He was trying to...
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