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Faculty of Humanities

Business Skills
Assignments Third Partial

Teacher: Roberto Baez
Student: Jennifer Zuniga

Monterrey, N.L at 7 of August 2009

Class Activity 1
Discussion - Job Satisfaction

1. What do you find satisfying and frustrating about your work or studies?
* Satisfactory: That is rewarding work.
* Frustrating: That in the team work, people do not always work.
2.Who or what inspires you at work?
* My family: they always support me unconditionally, and always remember me how important it is to study.
3. How true do you think the following statements are?
a) There is no such thing as company loyalty these days.
* That’s true, because there have been cases where the company defrauds its employees.
b) True fulfillment can only come with a jobyou love.
* Completely agree, because when you do what you really love, is not work.
c) You should work to live not live to work.
* Yes, we must not allow that the person becomes a work addicted.

Class Activity 2
Passive Sentences


* Distribute questionnaires: all depts. - Questionnaires were distributed to all departments.
* Interview managers.- Managers wereinterviewed.
* Canvass sample workers.- Workers conducted a sample canvass-

Present Problems

* Not consult staff.- Staff were not consulted.
* Not allow flextime.- Flextime were not allowed.

Measures to improve job satisfaction since March

* Consult staff properly.- Staff were consulted properly.
* Carry out research into flextime.- Flextime were out carried research.


* Introduce new scheme from I Nov. - 1st of November were introduced a new scheme.
* Adopt system of team bonuses. – Team bonuses adopted system.
* Carry out further research into share option scheme. – Into share option scheme were carried out further research.

Class Activity 3
Discuss these questions.

1) Which search engines do you use? Internet
2) What makes a website easy or difficult to use? Why?
* Easy: That everything is very easy to find, and the page is protected.
* Difficult: Have too many hyperlinks and it sends you to other sites.
3) What do you like about the sites that you visit regularly?
* That the site is protected, and it sends me to pages that really have the content that I’m looking for.
4) How much time do you spendbrowsing on the Net?
* Just the time that I need to find what I’m looking for.
5) How can businesses make sure their websites receive more than their competitors?
* Adding a section on its website for comments by people who are visiting their website.

Homework 1
Reading – Perks that Works

A. What kind of perks would you like to have when joining a new company?

* Life insurance
*Department and car paid from the company
* Scholarship for my children.

B. In which lines are these ideas mentioned.

1. Money is a less important motivator than a caring company. 90
2. Giving employees more choice how they organize their time away from work 85
3. The disadvantages of offering perks40
4. Creating an atmosphere and culture which employees feel they belong to. 705. Examples of up-market perks offered by technology companies. 24
6. The increased benefits being offered to employees.11

C. Look in the article to complete these word partnerships.

i. Personal _problems_______________
ii. Financial __planning______________
iii. Top_______peformers_________
iv. General _____manager____________
v. Common _____sence___________
vi.Social __responsability______________
vii. Corporate _culture____________
viii. Employee __centric______________

D. Complete these sentences with word partnership from exercise C.

I. He has resigned after having a lot of personal problems this year.
II. Building up financial planning is important with unemployment at a record law.
III. Our top manager is in charge of running the...
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