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1. Free port: Harbor area in which you can download and store the goods without paying tariffs before re-exported or sold within that country.

2. Extension: Additionalperiod that the drawer provides for the payment of a turn when the drawee can not or will not make payment due date.

3. Premium
1) Amount paid, usually in advance, by the insured to theinsurer in return for a hedge against certain risks. This is the price of an insurance policy and is an important source of income for the credit agencies for export.
2) In the stock market, the pricepaid is above the bond's face value.

4. Mortgage loan: Loan secured by the mortgage of real property which obliges the borrower to make a predetermined series of payments.

5. Liabilities:Obligations of a company from its creditors, suppliers, customers, etc., Which are different from now before its owners, partners or shareholders. Liabilities are funds due to be repaid in the short,medium or long term. The short-term debt, bank loans and overdrafts are called liabilities. The liabilities of banks are composed of deposits, bonds and bills. Antonym: active.

6. Balance ofpayments: Statistical table book that reflects a systematic and consolidated the
transactions in a given period between residents of the country and abroad.

7. Certificate of analysis: A documentthat certifies that the nature, composition, grade. of the goods corresponds to the contracted quality.

8. Shipping document: A document that is sent to the importer for ensure that the goods havebeen placed in transport medium. The transportation representative is required to extend it.

9. MTD (Multimodal Transport Document): multimodal transport document, usually issued by containershipping lines to cover the clearance of goods from one place-making under a place of delivery.

10. Wharfage: Commission charged by the owner of a dock or port for handling incoming and outgoing...
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