Business plan

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MBA’S Cake

I. Introduction 3
II. Mission: 3
III. Vision: 3
IV. Objectives: 3
Specific objectives: 4
V. Business description 4
VI. Product description 5
.VII. SOWT Analysis 6
VIII. Market strategy 7
Pricing Strategy 7
IX. Organization and Management 7
Organizational Chart 8
Management team: 8
X. Target market 8
XI.Preopening 9
XII. Business Location 10
XIII. Industry demand 10
Direct competition 11
XIV. Expenses: 12
Estimation of initial plan 12
XV. Indirect Competition 13
XVI. Loan 13
XVII. Annexes 14
Summary: 15

I. Introduction
This business plan, details the beginning of a business which consists of: open a company for the sale of cakes and desserts.
That step takes place within theirsystem prerequisites such as a financial request to start build, construct, market research, a description of products and customer acceptance. In addition; envision business growth through product distribution, betting on the idea of cakes light.
II. Mission
To offer products that represent healthy options for the people
III. Vision
Committed to offer products consumer health
IV. ObjectivesOffer our customers products of highest quality that provide benefits to their health and welfare.
Specific Objectives
Our products offer consumers committed to their health and welfare in a world where eating habits change frequently.
Providing consumer product but an entire experience, from the attention to and give you upon entering the store, product quality and satisfaction fromconsuming the product.
Keep Costs thereby offering customers affordable and satisfactory business.
V. Business Description

Our project is to establish a "Pastry" where desserts are manufactured and marketed specifically designed for, health conscientious people , the bakery will have adequate facilities for consuming the products purchased and where you can enjoy drinks (especially coffee) andhealthy without sugar. We choose to set this company according to the needs of people who cannot leave the habit of eating desserts and do not want this situation to affect their health.
For starting this company we will work with local building a sales serve, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages as well as our competition.
Taking into account the requirements of our customers andthe high competitiveness of products or services like ours. So we need to be alert to market expectations, it is important to ensure the success of the company, making use of techniques and tools that help us know the market reaction and acceptance.
VI. Product Description
Each product offered has its caloric content, ingredients and properties, so the customer can tell you're eating and tocontrol in your diet (for people on a diet).
* Light cakes
* Cheese with cream and blackberry
* Nut chocolate
* Oranges
* Cookies
* Chocolate cake
* Fruit cocktail
* Coffee

VII. SOWT Analysis

Having a broad field to build the store. * To provide the ease of obtaining products. * The originality of products.
Excellent staff and care. * Morevariety in dessert opportunities. | Opportunities * Location in a strategic point. * Have contacts for the distribution of desserts. * Hours Expanded. * Generation of healthier eating habits. |
Weaknesses * Little publicity in the media. * Prices unstable by the country's economy. | Threats * Competition. * Difficulty obtaining specialty raw materials. |

VIII. Market Strategy
*Implementation of 5 products base and 1 seasonal product per month.
* Printed media and distribution specialist magazines local culinary life.
* Advertising in print in local newspapers
* Creating a website.
Pricing Strategy
It is intended to implement a service bakery so prices vary by product and ingredients to be determined but laying out according to market prices.
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