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5 lines description of place

In my colony this located to the east of the city of zamora is a place very unfairly where there almost a contamination there a dump in the streets and throwlot water where want the misters washed the cars with the hose and the river this very contaminated of pure trash.

3 ambiental problems.describe each.(5 lines)

Leave the water by jumping and thekeys of water the leave open and arrive the truck of the trash is leads the trash but leave throw the trash that fall without that they the lift there the leave and the river this very contaminated oftrash because the people the strip the trash there and the people grab the water cleaning for wash the street.

Page 2. solutions (20)

1- close the keys of water.2- avoid of pull trash to the river.
3- avoid of no use the hose for wash the cars.
4- that the people get together the trash of the street.
5- put boats of trash in the streets.
6-sweep to the for that be clean.
7- that the truck of the trash when go to get the trash and is them falls the trash to the soil that the collected for that the trash no is be in the soil.
8-No use water cleaning for wash the street.
9- Use water refused for wash.
10- wash the teeth but grab a glass and fill of water.
11- no burn trash.
12- no pull the water when thissoaping the hands.
13- no pull the water when are soaping the frets.
14-no pull tires to the river.
15-no leave the sprinkler open when soaping.
16-refuse the water for mop.
17-nopull trash.
18-leave of utilize sothe cars because is contaminate the air.
19-care the areas green.
20-save the energy.

Page 3. resume in spanish of pages
En micolonia hay mucha gente que tira basura en las calles y tambien arrojan basura y llantas en el rio y luego las personas lavan los carros pero con la manguera tiran mucho el agua y luego las llaves del...
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