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More and more studies show that global warming is caused by human activities, such as forming and burning fuels. everytime we burn fuel for cars, airplanes, or factories, gas is released into the contains gas that is released into the atmosphere. This might not sound like a major source of pollution but crop and animal farms now cover most of the farmable land on the planet,which means a lot of animal waste.

These activities add excessive amounts of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere. the accumulation of these gases traps heat that is normally released into space. When the heat is trapped, the temperature of the atmosphere rises. This leads to climate change, which represents one of modern society´s biggest challenges.

Globalwarming affects the planet and we can also see it in our daily lives. In one small town in the United States, an old tradition has been lost due to warmer temperatures. Once known for the Bridell Ice Festival, held each February on the frozen surface of the town lake no longer freezes as deeply as it used to. 15-year-old Josh Harms, who lives in Bridell, says, It kind of sad because my dad an mygrandpa were both champions of the ice fishing competition, but now we don´t even have a contest."

Although the change in Bridel has been gradual, global warming has had more dramatic effects on weather conditions around the world. Although it is not possible to connect a single heat wave, hurricane, or flood to rising temperatures, we can say there has been a sharp increase in the occurrenceof extreme weather worldwide. This is going to continue in the future and will have a devastating effect upon our planet.

Firstly, hurricanes have become stronger and more destructive. The year 2004 saw the first ever hurricane recorded in the south Atlantic, 2005 had the most hurricanes on record in the Atlantic, and 2006 witnessed one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever in the southpacific. as sea-surface temperature rises,fiercer storms are going to be seen around the globe. These will cause more flooding and severly erode coastlines.

Secondly, heat waves and droughts are going to become more frequent. Global warming means higher temperatures that speed up evaporation, which causes a lot of water vapor to collect in the air. When heat from the sin hits dry soil that haslittle or no water to evaporate, both the soil and the air get hotter. This causes the soil to get even drier and has damaging effects on crops an farm animals.

Finally, research suggests that global warming is to blame for increasingly destructive wildfires. In forests, milder winters and extended warm seasons have promoted the survival of tree-eating beetles. This has caused more dead wood.this adds fuel to forest fires, large fires are now four times more frequent than in the 1980s

We need international policies that fight global warming. We have got to keep strict limits on the amount of pollution we produce and introduce tough penalties on businesses and countries that exceed them. To avoid the most severe impact of climate change, we have to reduce heat-trapping pollution byabout two percent per year.

However, it is important that we remember fighting global warming is not just the government's responsibility. The climate does not care where global-warming pollution comes from, and about one fifth of it comes from homes,which means that stopping global warming is the responsibility of each of us. We need to make smart choices in tour daily lives.

Most of thesechoices involve simple efforts such as turning off lights when leaving a room, planting trees around your home, and insulating home walls to reduce heat pollution. We have to act now.


Cada vez más estudios demuestran que el calentamiento global es causado por las actividades humanas, tales como la formación y la quema de combustibles. Cada vez que el consumo de...
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