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Ø Please give us your definition of Quality:
Quality is the essence of a product or service that leads to customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding their expectations. Do things right at firsttime.
Ø What for is useful the ISO 9000, in addition to get the certificate?
ISO 9001 is a useful basis for organizations to be able to demonstrate that they are managing their business so as toachieve consistent (good!) quality goods and services.
-ISO 9001 have Internal and external benefits:
.Better documentation of company processes, managers and other employees become more aware ofquality, employee morale improves when employees feel that they are part of the process. documenting procedures facilitates communication and promotes cooperation, better coordination of processes,better quality results in fewer defects, less scrap, and, therefore, lower production costs.
Company prestige increases, Higher quality means higher customer satisfaction, it creates a higher level oftrust, it reduces the need for customer audits, Certified companies gain access to markets that require ISO certification, and they can deepen penetration of existing markets.
Ø What other tools forQuality do you know?
SPC, Cause and effect diagram, Check sheet, Control charts, Histogram, Pareto chart, Scatter diagram, Stratification. Common sense - keep your eyes open, Watch for trends as wellas absence of report of problems, 8D, 5W.
Ø What do you know about QI´s?
The QIs can be used to highlight potential quality concerns, identify areas that need further study and investigation, andtrack changes over time.

Ø Can you describe what is DPPM?
Defective Parts Per Million: the quantity of defectives found out at the rate of a million parts produced.
Ø Describe your definitionof good Quality Product?
One that is Consistently produced and meets the customer's needs/desires and expectations.

Ø Can you describe what process must be care by Quality?
The whole...
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