Candelaria tlacotalpan

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Candelaria Tlacotalpan
The devotion to the Virgen de la Candelaria was brought by the Order of Order of San Juan de Dios, Spain, in the early seventeenth century.
In this festival the virgin isparaded into the river and also makes the presentation of the Child in the Temple. For Tlacotalpeños these days are real party people, a mixture of faith, Huapango, the sounds from the "Meeting of therevelers, the race in the river, the food, the fair, the Mojiganga and "Pamplona", but on February 2 when the Virgin Mary in their walk in the river port blesses and protects against floods and othercalamities of his side.
The duration of the celebration is from 31 January to 9 February, however, from 31 January to 2 February are the most important days,On January 31 the Parade takes place on 1February 6 performed Zebu bulls dam, across the river with the locals in canoes or boats and on 2 February that is during the early mornings and Madonna the ride.
January 31 : Parade
This involvedmore than 600 people marching down the main street of the city, the band that accompanies the Naval School of Anton Lizardo and the band Tlacotalpan Centenary men, women and some small set up.
The opportunity to try snacks and drinks for Tlacotalpan not lacking, because everywhere we can find a place, an inn, tavern, restaurant or, to put the typical transient step.
It takes place from 31 January to 2 February. In the consolidated Plaza Doña Martha, year after year, becomes the meeting point for representatives of the Jarocho music. The fandango is armed withall the accompanying soneros and footwork in the floorboards of the women who reflect the spontaneity to this party.
February 1 : Day of Toro
The races are organized on the river early in themorning, local competition and the winner will have to bring the bulls to the other side, so it becomes a true spectacle. Six Zebu bulls are released and cross the river, along with other locals in their...
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