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Ozone depleción
Carlos Enrique Ruiz Moreno
Rocio Martinez Carboney
Ozone depletion-antarctica-cause-effects
The ozone depletion is a phenomenon that causes extreme changes in the earth,especially the raise of the temperature. In the Antarctic this phenomenon is really clear because in this area there’s a huge hole of the size of the entire Antarctic continent causing the ice meltingand increasing the sea level in the entire world.
This depletion is caused by the emission of gases like the CO2 emitted principally by the cars and the factories in the entire world. Thisphenomenon mainly happens in the Antarctic spring, from September to early December. This happens in the Antarctic spring because the drafts take all the gases to the poles, so the temperature goes really highcausing big damages in this zone.
The governments of the majority of the countries have compromised to reduce the 50% of the emissions in its nation. The level of CO2 had decreased, but in anegligible way.
If the emission of gases keeps this way in 60 years the layer of ozone in the entire world will be very damage, almost disappearing. If this happens the life in the earth will be almostimpossible because the radioactivity of the sun will penetrate the earth without any problem and kill all form of life, including the animals and plants.
The oxygen is helps creating the ozone layer, butnow the trees and plankton in the seas are being destroyed, so the regeneration of the ozone layer is very slowly, not the enough faster to decrease the high levels of pollution in the ozone.This problem also have a big influence in the human body because the UVB damage the skin of the body causing cancer and others illness, biological illness.
The animal also suffer seriousdamages in their body, problems that with time kill them, that why the polar bears in the Antarctic are dying, and also they are dying because the ice is melting so they do not have a place where they...
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