Causes of the cold war

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* Background causes:
* Militarism: When there is a big interest and focus on the military. Evidence is an increase in military spending and the development of its technology as anaim to make it better. Militarism is not a cause for a war but it does increase suspicion and fear in rival states; furthermore it causes arms race which lead to economic rivalry, imperialism andnationalism.
* Deterrence: People thought that because they had a big army others would never attack. WRONG. Other countries instead of having that ideology thought the other way around, attack nowbefore it’s too late and the differential number gets very high.
* Three year law: France, a law that increased mandatory military service.
* Militarism is not only on the size of the army andnavies but also on the technology used by these forces.
-machine guns
-HSM dreadnought
* Industrialization: Is the development of industries on a large scale. What industrialization caused wascompetitive economic tensions and this tension lead to diplomatic and political tensions.
* Neo-mercantilist: Is the need to decrease imports and to increase self-sufficiency, and in order toachieve these colonies have to increase their holdings for raw materials.
* Trade increased and for countries to be able to trade well they needed better and modern ships.
* Industrial outputincreased: in 1914 France was producing 200,000 artillery shells a day.
* The Alliance System: It was a group of nations that worker together to attack the enemy nation. It did not caused wardirectly but it did increase tension and suspicion as well as an idea of how big the war would be if someone attacked another country since there was a big and complex net of alliances formed by manycountries.
* Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.
* Franco-Russian alliance 1894. (Defend your friend from the enemy)
* The Entente Cordiale of 1904 (UK and France agreed to...
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