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The origins of the hamburger are uncertain, but possibly was first brewed in the period from the late nineteenth to early modern XX.1 2 hamburger comes from the culinaryneeds of a society that enjoys the benefits of a NIEs and that because she wears a faster pace of life.
The origin of this is unclear processed food mainly because many people, all Americans, whodispute the honor of having been the first to put two slices of bread with a slice of minced beef (hamburger steak) . Shortly after composing the hamburger with two breads, began seasoned with all itscharacteristic accompaniments: onions, lettuce, sliced ​​pickles, drinks, etc.. Note that the basic ingredients used in its preparation, i.e. bread and beef were consumed separately for a long time.
Thehistory of this food is remarkable for several reasons. Throughout the twentieth century, this story is accompanied by several controversies, such as nutritional controversy late 1990. The burger wasidentified with one country, the United States, and styled power pop: the fast food.3 The burger, along with fried chicken and apple pie, is part of the food American culinary icons. April 5
Itsexpansion across all continents reflects the globalization of human consumption, 6 it is conceivable that many others have followed suit food globalizes: Turkish döner kebab, Italian pizza, Japanese sushi,etc.. The burger as food has spread around the world, perhaps because they are easy to understand in different culinary cultures of the Earth

The oldest known reference about thispreparation dates from the Roman Empire, and is documented in the book "De re coquinaria 'Affairs of the kitchen. In this work, Gavius ​​Marcus Apicius, gourmet Roman patrician, who lived during thereign of Emperor Tiberius, describes the preparation of isicia omentata, which is basically what today is known as "hamburger" .12
It is likely that this dish was used by the Roman legions in...
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