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1. Rick Blaine | Humphrey Bogart | . Rick Blaine's past is very sketchy, and we never knowhis previous occupation or why he cannot return to his home country, the U.S. In 1935 he fought the facists in Spain and in 1936 ran guns to Ethiopia, always on the "good" side. In Paris frequents thecafe "La Belle Aurore", run by a man he calls "Frenchy", and during this period he met Ilsa Lund, the love of his life. When the Germans marched into Paris he and Ilsa, along with Rick's trustedfriend and piano player Sam, planned to run away to Marseillaise, but Ilsa left him stranded on the train station with only a note saying, "I cannot go with you or ever see you again. You must not askwhy. Just believe that I love you. Go, my darling, and God bless you. Ilsa." |
2. Ilsa Lund | Ingrid Bergman | Ilsa Lund is a young woman fresh from her parent's home in Oslo. At the house of somefriends, she meets a man about whom she'd heard her whole life--Victor Lazlo, a Czech Resistance fighter. He opens up for her a whole beautiful world full of knowledge and thoughts and ideals.Believing that she loves him, she secretly marries him, and not even their closest friends know about their marriage. Lazlo fights the good fight, but is taken to a concentration camp. Ilsa is frantic, and afew months later she learns that Lazlo is dead. She is hopeless until she meets and falls in love with Richard "Rick" Blaine, an American cafe owner in Paris. When the Germans march into Paris, theyboth know that Rick must leave because of his political past. |
3. Victor Lazlo | Paul Henreid | Of the major characters in Casablanca, Laszlo is the least complex. He is the pure embodiment ofthe noble hero, as a good as any man can be. Laszlo is handsome, confident, idealistic, outspoken, unwavering, and impassioned. He is married to the beautiful Ilsa, and he loves his wife so much that...
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