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In this step, we have investigated about the process of the order process and we identified the main problem; to solve it, we elaborated a list of activities to reach the objective to create a new purchase order, create a program to train personnel, therefore to increase the client satisfaction and improve the image of the company.
It is the lack ofpersonnel.
The problem is first that the company does not count with enough personnel to make all the production process, in addition this reduce number of personnel is not well trained, so their productivity is low and poor, that’s why they make a lot of waste in materials and they take too much time making the production.
* First, create a new Human Resourcesarea to make a better selection of the personnel, and train them.
* Second, create a program to train personnel in order to guide the customers and that the personnel feel encouraged in a good atmosphere.
* Third, create a brand image of the company in order to be well recognized in the industry.
I. Create a Human Resources area.
II. Create wage scales.
III.Create incentives.
IV. Create workers benefits.
V. Look for employees.
VI. Hire trainers.
VII. Training for employees.
VIII. Evaluate the training of the employees.
IX. Establish quality controls
X. Evaluate the quality of the production.
XI. Interviewing qualified staff.
XII. Create a new sales plan.

1. Action Plan:
Create a HumanResources area.

* Objective:
To make a better personnel selection in order to increase productivity.
* Measuring/Monitoring:

Make a list about how many applicants are applying for the job position, and select them based on their education and past work experience. At the end of the month we’ll compare results with originals.

* Action Implantation Day:

Have duration of 1moth and will begin from 1st December to 1st of January.

* Responsibility:

All the members of the Human Resources area and directives involved.

* Description:

a) See how much money we need to create this new area.
b) According to it, try to achieve what we are looking for.
c) Analyse all the detailed of the results and compare them with originals.

2.Action Plan:

Create wage scales.

* Objective:

Incentivize the workers with a scale of wage.

* Measuring/Monitoring:

Registrate the workers that are working in the night and the ones that are working in he day to give them the respective wage.

* Action Implantation Day:

Have duration of 5 days and will begin on 1st of January to 6th of January.


The responsibles are the HR area.

* Description:

a) See how much money we need to create this scale wage.
b) Coordinate with the financial area to establish the schedules.

3. Action Plan:
Create incentives.
* Objectives:

Incentivize the workers.

* Measuring/Monitoring:
The incentives will be given to the employees that show usmore productivity and quality of work.

* Action Implantation Day:

Have duration of 7 days, from 6th of January to 13th of the January.

* Responsibility:

All the members that are making this project.

* Description:

a) Coordinate whit the administrative about the disponibility of giving the workers incentives.
b) Give the workers incentives for their work each oneweek, after hat we’ll start over.

4. Action Plan:
Create workers benefits.
* Objective:

* Measurement/Monitoring:

* Action Implantation Day:

Have duration of 3 days, from 13th of the January to 15th of January.

* Responsibility:

* Description:

5. Action Plan:

Looking for employees

* Objective:
We have to find employees with...
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