Charles Chaplin

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Charles Chaplin was born on April 16, 1889 in London, England; he was the most popular comic of the film and one of the most brilliant and important actor of thesilent films age. He was the creator of the mythical character “Charlie”

His parents were entertainers in the music hall tradition, but her father dies when Charles was one child, he was raised asa poor child, not could assisted to school; he worked at a young age to live.

In 1910 Chaplin did his first traveled to United States, his first movie was in 1914, in Hollywood he worked asactor, director, producer, writer and cinema’s businessman until 1953.

In 1952, Chaplin was accused for the American administration as a suspected communist and un-american activity, and then hewent to live in Europe. His last film was in 1967 as director, producer and writer in “A countess from Hong Kong” film, at the 68 years old.

He was married four times and met his six daughters andsix sons, the most famous descendent is Geraldine Leigh Chaplin who is actress too.

Charles Chaplin received three Academy Awards, was knighted as the Knight Commander of the British Empireand was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. On 15 April 2011 the Internet search Google celebrated his 122º born anniversary with a special “Google Doodle Video”.

Chaplin died inhis house in Vevey, Switzerland on Christmas Day 1977, at 88 years old.

His legacy is one of the biggest in the cinema’s history in the 20th century. Chaplin is widely regarded as one of themost influential and talented comic of all time, Chaplin’s tramp character is the most imitated on all levels of entertainment.

In conclusion, I will place one of the best-known phrases ofthis British actor, which read:

“A day without laughter is a day wasted”




Charles Chaplin was born on April [sixteen],...
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