Charles i

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lesson plan

Warm- up period (5 minutes)
I will enter the classroom and I will greet the students:
-Good morning! My name is Fabiana. I am going to be your new teacher of English for someweeks. How are you?. And what are your names?

Presentation (15 minutes)
I will ask the students to close their folders because they are going to learn a new topic.
-Ok, now pay attention and listento me. You are going to learn about a new topic, so close your folders and put them under the table. Is It clear?
Then, Iwill read a few paragraphs about Charles I and the final of his Reign in handsof the Scots, the Parliament, and the Army.
-Ok, is it clear?. If not, I will answer the questions students had in order to make easy to understand the topic.
-I will give you some copies withthe text I read. You have to read the text again, in order to complete the exercise nº1.

Exercise Nº 1(20 minutes) Highligth important points and complete a summary table.
This activity is goingto be prepared in groups of four.
Each group have to highlight most important words or phrases along the text that allowed them to understand and remember the topic. Then, they have to put theirideas into a chart.
In order to check the exercise, a student will write the chart on the blackboard and his peers will complete or check the information.

Exercise Nº2 (15 minutes) Order thesentences chronologically .
a- the King was to be brought up to London, where he would be under the immediate control of Parliament.
b- The New Model Army was the ruling power in the country.
c- Scotsdemanded that he ( King Charles I) should accept their National Covenant. He replied that he was prepared to discuss the matter.
d- Parliament had merely to demobilise the New Model Army.
e- Scotssuggested that if Parliament would pay them, they would hand him (the King) over and go back home.
This activity is going to be completed by students individually. After that, we will correct it...
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