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Chimamanda Adichie: the danger of a single story
The reading we have seen and heard about Chimamanda is a critique of society, especiallythe damage they can do a single story or a special version to a country like Nigeria and Mexico.
Along reading recounts the events that havehappened along and as life has been increasingly defending their African identity, has also found it very easy to fall into the temptation ofthinking about a country or a person on a history we have had from this unique and history to judge.
Will raise awareness and make us see thatmany people have manipulated the thoughts of the world and the people entrusted to them without being able to have a personal opinion.
Shetells many stories about Nigerian people are surprising because no one thinks that can happen because you have made up his mind that in Nigeriaall are disasters and rape.
But Nigeria is a country like all others in which they also want progress and the people working and striving toachieve their goals.
Finally mention the power of countries to tell the stories that benefit their history or writing it as contrary to realdisasters.
she tells a true story that can influence us positively in our thinking about those places in which we have the stories based onincomplete and we have created some stereotypes that we are and have created some stereotypes that we are exactly what we don`t really find.
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