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Maria del Mar Hernandez
People who doesn`t feel pain
¿The people who doesn`t feel pain, can feel other sensations?

Although a person has congenital insensitivity to pain disease(CIPA), theymay still feel other sensations, because what happens with people with CIPA, is that in the body exist a channel and a protein that is part of it, that goes through the peripheral nervous system,this channel is important in order to feel the pain because what the protein does is that allow the neurotransmitters pass that detects damage in the body, by the sensorial receptors. Neurons areconnected by axons, by which neurons send the neurotransmitters (electrochemical waves, and allowing all this is process is the synapses), so the gene make the protein to stop working, so the channel, don’tget the pain, so in the brain the receptors of pain don’t receive any signal, and as a result CIPA. but this only happens with the pain receptors, so they may still feel other sensations because thereis receptors for pressure, other for temperature, etc.

Also a linked problem to the CIPA is the Anhidrosis, that is a condition when the body doesn’t sweat, this condition make worse the disease,because the body cannot regulate his own temperature and is unable to feel extreme temperatures. Sometimes the anhidrosis is produce, there is some king of medicine that is to not sweat, and so, if apeople with congenital insensitivity to pain take them, will produce anhidrosis.

Here is an example of a girl called Gabby, who is 5, suffers from an extremely rare disorder called congenitalinsensitivity to pain, and her scared parents Trish Gingras and Steve Gingras (, 2005).
"She started cutting teeth and she had bit down through the skin. She would have bit down to thebone had I let her. It was just chewed up," Trish Gingras said.
"We decided to pull her teeth because she was mutilating her fingers," Steve Gingras said.
“Learning to walk just made Gabby more...
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