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* Tftp (download tfp32 server)
* The speed for the clock rate is for the DCE (DCE is female and DTE is male)
* Show controllers s0/0
* sh ipinterface brief
* sh ip route
* ip route
* ip route
* configuring floating statis routes
* ip route
* ip route10.0.0.0 130
* GNS3 is an interesting software for simulation
* Sh cdp neighbors
* Sh cdp neighbors detail
If you need to disable CDP globally, for the entire device, usethis command
* Router(config)#no cdp run
If you want to use CDP but need to stop CDP advertisements on a particular interface, use this command:
* Router(config-if)#no cdp enable
First,enable debug ip routing to have the IOS display a message when the new route is added to the routing table. Then, use the ip route command to configure static routes on R1 for each of these networks. Thefigure shows the first route configured.
R1#debug ip routing
R1#conf t
R1(config)#ip route
* Sh ip protocols
* Sh ip route
* 120/x(x=1,2,3)/distancia administrative en RIP es 120/saltos
* TTL en CISCO es 255
* TTL en Windows es 128
* Para configurar router
* R1# conf t
* Router ?
* R1 (config)#router rip
* Luego seconecta las subredes que estan conectadas al router (cables que salen de lrouter)
* R1(config-router)# network
* R1(config-router)# network
* Sh ip route
* Sh ipprotocols
* Debug ip rip
* Evitar que el router envie actualizaciones
* Router rip
* Passive-interface fastethernet 0/0
* End (crtl-z)
* Sh ip protocols
* Sh run
* Shrunning-config

* Sh ip ospf

* Sh ip ospf neighbor
* No auto-summary
* Debug ip rip
* show ip interface brief
* sh ip eigrp top all-links
* debug ip...
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