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What Are the Basic Cisco Router Commands?
Posted by betsyyu on September 16, 2011
Cisco routers are manageable network devices. It means that they have the Cisco IOS software for network andinternetwork management. The Cisco’s IOS software delivers network services and enabled networked applications. The Cisco IOS is the CLI based software at which you can execute Cisco IOS commands, and isthe software used on the vast majority of Cisco Systems routers and current Cisco network switches.
Cisco Commands
There are more than 2,000 Cisco router commands in the latest version of Ciscorouter IOS software including the basic router commands along with the advanced level router commands such as Cisco wireless router commands. The Cisco router IOS have different executable modes withdifferent prompts. You can use these modes for executing different tasks. Each mode has a set of specific commands.
Cisco IOS User Interface Fundamentals
Using a command line interface you have tokeep in mind the following things
* Operations vary on different internetworking devices
* Type or paste entries in the console command modes
* Enter key instructs device to parse andexecute the commands
* Two primary EXEC modes are user mode and privileged mode for executing basic Cisco commands
* Command modes have distinctive prompts
Cisco IOS Software Exec
There aretwo main EXEC modes for entering commands:
User Mode
* Limited examination of router
* Command prompt on the router is Router
Privileged (or enabled) Mode
* Detailed examination of router* Enables configuration and debugging
* Prerequisites for other configuration modes
* Command prompt on the router is Router#
Configured versus Unconfigured Router
After completingthe booting process, the configured Cisco router will prompt in user-mode prompt while the Cisco router will prompt in setup mode for initial configuration dialogue if there is no configuration in the...
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