Ciudad Sostenida

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The Sustainable City
San Jose, Ca (USA)
Cristina Alvarez


At the West Coast of the United States, in California, we can find the city of San Jose, the first civiliansettlement and the third largest city from that state. With an increasing of the 1.8% in the population since the last year, San Jose has 1,023,000 habitants until 2010.
San José has a world-renownedquality of life, offering a wide variety of exciting cultural, recreational, educational and entertainment opportunities. In addition, the City of San José has the nation's best public safety record ofany metropolitan area, a marvelous ethnic diversity and a beautiful climate.
San Jose was transformed in less than 30 years from a medium sized city in where agriculture predominates into a hugemetropolis and a phenomenon in U.S. economic history. As the result of the computer revolution, San Jose became the capital of the "Silicon Valley," a vast complex of electronics industries thatstretches throughout California's Santa Clara County. From 1950 to 1980, a period of tremendous growth and prosperity, the population of San Jose increased. Like other major urban areas, the city has beenforced to confront the problems that come with unbridled development: traffic congestion, air pollution, housing shortages, and a strained infrastructure.

San Jose pulls down the highest median incomeof any US city with more than 300,000. This was expected to happen with a city that has 6,600 technology companies employing more than 250,000 highly skilled and highly educated workers. This city isknown as the one that has had the lowest crime rate for three years running, and recycles more waste (62 percent than any of the cities ranked outside of California.)
There are downsides to thiscreative class economy, such as the gain and loss of nearly 200,000 jobs during the Internet revolution and bust and a housing market in which homes cost more than triple the national average. San...
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