Claudius Ptolomey

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Claudius Ptolemy

Claudius Ptolemy AD c- 100-170 was believed to have been born in the town of Ptolemais Hermiou in Thebaid, but there is no evidence that supports this. Ptolemyelaborated the geocentric world system during the 2nd Century AD. This system states that Earth was on the center of the universe. This system continued for the 14th centuries.During 127- 141 he made astronomical observations from Alexandria, Egypt and probably spent most of his life there.
He made an enormous number of observations and recorded the positionsof the stars in the Almagest in about 150 AD. It listed 48 constellations he did not covered the whole sky. In this book he elaborated the geocentric theory in which he explainsthe motion of the celestial objects. The book also explains that Earth is at the center of the universe. Other planets have irregular motions (each planet moves in a small circlearound a point, but also around a larger circle). This idea is called the epicyclical motion.
The geography another of his books. He ties to map the world at that time. He assignedcoordinates with latitudes measured from the Equator. His work was very important the Almagest was not discovered until Copernicus presented the heliocentric theory (the sun at thecenter of the universe).
He also did studies on astrology, optics and music. Many objects were named after him.
 A crater on the moon and on mars.
 A asteroid in 4,001
 acharacter in the fantasy series The Bartimaeus Trilogy
 track number 10 on Selected Ambient Works 85-92 by Aphex Twin
 The name of Celestial Being's carrier ship in the anime MobileSuit Gundam 00.
 English Astronomer and TV presenter Sir Patrick Moore has a cat named Ptolemy. Grolier ENCYCLOPEDIA OF KNOWLEDGE
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