Como cocinar sushi

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How to Make Sushi
Over the years, sushi restaurants have become as common as steak houses. The popularity of sushi is growing by leaps and bounds. This style of food that was once a very exotic,special treat for the socialites of upper society is now available in most grocery stores. In this article, we are going to go through the steps of making “maki” sushi (also known as rolls, as in tunaroll, California roll, etc.) Weʼll cover everything from your trip to the grocery store until itʼs time to sit down to eat. As you work along with me, by the end of this article, you will not only havea delicious meal, you will also have enough of a basic understanding to be able to follow other sushi recipes.

A Word About Tools, Techniques and Ingredients...
Sushi is one of those things thatmost people think they canʼt make at home for one reason or another. This simply isnʼt true. One of the reasons why may people believe this is because they donʼt have the right tools from the outset.Do yourself a favor and pick up a good combination sushi kit. It will make the process so much more enjoyable -- not to mention youʼll make better sushi -- once you have the right tools andingredients. The sushi kit I highly recommend (click here to check it out) can be ordered right from and be delivered to your door.

I canʼt stress enough how important it is to consider gettingone of these kits. Really, at least see what you get here. I think youʼll agree itʼs pretty much a no-brainer.

Letʼs Hit the Grocery Store
If you go to a higher end chain, there is a better chancethat they will have the ingredients you need. The first and probably most important ingredient is, of course, the right kind of fish. Look for packaging or labeling that says “Sashimi Grade” or “SushiGrade,” which really means that this piece of fish has been kept at -4° long enough to kill any parasites. Youʼll also need 2-3 types of vegetables as filling. This is where you can put your creative...
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