The man of the heart essay

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The way you live your life gives you real life

The main character of the movie “The man from the earth”, John, has a fascinating story due to the biological processes his body do, giving him a very long live, counted as 14,000 years, that give him the capacity of see, experience, contribute, make and do things that no one in their life can do. Everyone can say that this is a gift, somethingextremely marvelous, because of the opportunity to be in all the changes of our history and the whole globe. Imagine, just for a while, how amazing would be just observing the events John told his friends in the movie. Without doubt it would be the most beautiful and interesting experience of all in the world, but it wouldn´t be a complete gift at all, it´s just one half of a whole. The other partof the whole is what this movie gives us to all people that dream with it, with to live our life for a long period, or forever: the cons of this phenomenon!
To live the john´s life is not a completely good gift, because he cannot does many of the things people consider so normal that they just forget their importance to complete their own lives like, for example, he cannot love as the wholeworld does, he cannot live as every one of us, or just the time, we consider so precious to learn, john said is not necessary to be better in every aspect of life.
As a first point to mention is noticeable to name that he cannot love as the whole world does. This is a real statement that we forget when we dream on live forever. He cannot love anyone or maybe he just had one love that he lost timeago. So, we can question ourselves if we can love with the same intensity to another person after the first beloved one was dead. It is sad but it´s something we need to take in count when we think of this phenomenon. For example, he cannot conserve his friends for a long period of time, as was evidenced in the movie, he needed to change his friends abandoned them without leaving steps to followinghim, lying them to hide his true self. And also, he cannot have family. How horrible can be to know you will be alive in the moment of your children death. For this reason, john wouldn´t have family. The only way to have a family, in those conditions, is by having a stone heart or just leave them without remorse.
A second point of view, a second reason is that he cannot live as every one of usdue to he needed to hide his real existence because the probabilities of being studied, private of freedom for incomprehension or just for avoiding the people´s judgments and prejudices. As the example john gave his friends, of being Jesus: the explanation is there in the Bible. So, he needed to lay to all the people surround him because the reasons above explained. But, living a life of lying isprecisely the life john, and all of us, want to achieve. The examples of that were shown by john himself trying to tell his actual friends the truth. To complete this, the idea of being nomad is interesting, but being nomad because of running away and hide the truth is simply devastating. Maybe that was one of the reason john had to try to tell his friends his reality, looking for comprehension tostay in that place, and not moving on another city to start again.

As the last reason to show this part of this “gift” is to mention that the complete plenitude of the life is not given by the time. We can have all time to do things and we can achieve all projects of our life, but as John evidenced in the movie, time is never enough to do the things that the human being would do, because everytime we achieve something, a new thing gives us a new challenge to deal with and continuing doing more and more. So, it shows us the purpose of life is not only achieving challenges but live the life we have in a way better than the previous one. For example, he had a lot of universitary degrees and other studies; also he had the experience of life but it wasn´t enough for him to feel himself...
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