Resumen de the castle of darkness

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1.- What do we know about the castle of darkness ?

2.- What is the only way to stop the curse on the druid´s family and his tribe and end the “Times of Darkness” ?

3.- Who stole the brazalet ? Why did he steal it ?

4.- What happened after the druid´s tribe lost the brazalet ?

5.- what was the dark Wizard´s reaction after hisdaugther escaped with
Cedric´s father, and what did he do ?

1.- What was inside the small box ? What must Cedric do now ?

2.- What image appeared before Cedric´s eyes ?

3.- How did the old man in the forest know Cedric´s name ?

4.- what present did the old man give Cedric to help him on his journey ?

5.- The harp can give any wish, except one. What is it ?

1.- What does Cedric see across the lake ?

2.- How did Cedric help the girl in the boat ?

3.- Describe what happened to the girl after the birds disappeared.

4.- What happened to Cedric when he approached the gates of the castle whit the grey lady ?

5.- Why was Cedric responsible for his problem ?

1.- Who did Cedric see when he opened his eyes on the third day inthe tower ?

2.- How did Cedric beat the Dragon ?

3.- Why is Elinor angry with Dark Wizard ?

4.- What news came to the palace and what did Elinor do after she heard it ?

5.- Why did Elinor capture Cedric ?

1.- Why didn´t Zelda want to sleep in the forest ?

2.- How did Tanzin get his knowledge of the past, the present and the future ?

3.- Acording to Tanzin, who mustCedric meet before he arrives at his grandfather´s castle, and where will is journey take him ?

4.- What does Tanzin give Cedric to help him on his first mission, and what is special about this ?

5.- What did Cedric understand after he saw the image of his father with the sword in the chest ?

1.- Who was Garth, and what special power did he have ?

2.- What did Garth do tothe liquid from the cauldron before Zelda drank it ?

3.- What did the other giants do when Cedric and Garth began to fight, and why didn´t they help their chief ?

4.- What did Cedric do after he killed Garth, and what was the result of this ?

1.- Is king Gorak a good man, acording to Angus ?

2.- What does king Gorak give Cedric to help him ?

3.- What happened to Cedricwhen the drank the potion in the small blue bottle ?

4.- What will happened if Cedric drinks the liquid in the red bottle ?

1.- Who did Zelda see when she woke up the next morning and what were they doing ?

2.- Eldrid began to play the harp and wished for Cedric´s death. Why didn´t Cedric die ?

3.- What did Cedric see when he held the bracelet in his hand and how did itmake him feel ?

4.- Why did Zelda´s uncle want to speak to Zelda alone ?

5.- Describe what Zelda and Cedric could see from the boat.

1.- Why was Cedric surprised by Zanzida´s relation to Edgar ?

2.- Who did the Dark Wizard have to marry and what was the result of marriage ?

3.- What happened when Cedric´s father came to Zanzida´s castle to find the bracelet ?

4.-Describe the fight between Edgar and Cedric´s father.

5.- Why was Elinor happy again ?


1.- We know is Dark Wizard´s castle.

2.- The only way is recover the brazalet of Cedric´s parents.

3.- The Dark Wizard stole the bracelet. Because he wanted to be the most powerfull.

4.- The bracelet was made two halves.

1.- The boxcontained a part of a broke brazalet. He must find the other part of the brazalet.

2.- The image of Cedric´s father

3.- Because the old man met Cedric´s father.

4.- The present are an harp.

5.- The wish was made somebody die.

1.- He saw a boat.

2.- He kill the big birds with his arms.

3.- The girl change her aparence.

4.- Two giants men ran to the boat and pulled...
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