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Oraciones Condicionales

Primer condicional: este tipo de oraciones se utiliza para expresar algo que siempre es verdad o muy probable en el presente o futuro.Ejemplos: If you eat too much sugar, you´ll have to visit the dentist. If you are late again, your boss won´t be happy. If it rains, we won´t have to water the plants. We´ll still catch the train if we leavenow.

La estructura del primer condicional es: If + frase en presente simple + frase en futuro

• Segundo condicional: se utiliza para expresar condiciones que son improbables o imposibles en elpresente o futuro. Ejemplos: If I were you, I would change jobs. If she arrived soon, we could go to the cinema. If they knew that, they would be very upset. I would go home if I didn´t have so muchto do.

La estructura del segundo condicional es: If + frase en pasado simple + frase en condicional simple (would/could/might + infinitivo)

• Tercer condicional: estas oraciones expresancondiciones irreales en el pasado, es decir, condiciones que podrían haberse dado pero no se dieron. Ejemplos: If I had known that, I would have told you immediately. If the weather had been nice, we wouldhave gone for a walk. I wouldn´t have gone to the theatre if I had known that the play was so boring. If you had been here earlier, you would have met Maria.

La estructura del tercer condicional es:If + frase pasado perfecto (had + participio) + frase condicional compuesto (would/could/might have + inf.)

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• Unless, as long as ... Unless significa if not (si no, a menos que). Por tanto puede utilizarse en lugar de if, pero transformando la oración: Ejemplos: - If you´re here on time, we´ll go tothe cinema. → Unless you´re here on time, we won´t go to the cinema tomorrow. - If you study enough, you´ll pass this exam. → Unless you study enough, you won´t pass the exam.


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