Conflicto palestino

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Lecture 3: September 15
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* The arab and Palestinian narrative is actually two natratives.
* Term arab used to described those living in the middle east, embracing a new culture,history and tradition influenced by Islam and bounded by the use of /Arabic
* Language important for building a sense of identity and shared destiny.
* arab nationalism responded to profoundyarning to overcome divisions and weakness in the arab world.
The “Arab Awakening”:
* George Antonius’s historic work The arab Awakening” argues that the emergence of a uniquely arabconsciousness began in the mid-nineteenth century.
* Nationalism in the 20th century has deeper roots
* For antonius’s is the resurrection of the Arabic language that mark a starting point for the Arabrevival.
* Arrival of American and French Christian missionaries in Syria put a new premium in education and contributed to the surge of interest in Arabic language , literature, ideas andculture.
* Antonius notes that secret societies in greater Syria began to emerge in the late 1800s with the credo of promoting such arab independence.
* However, c Ernest Dawn , the scholar whoused term Arabism points out that these societies were limited to a very small band of extreme arab nationalists in Syria. Most of those in the arab provinces favored decentralization and reform , notindependence.
* With the amidst of world war I ,the secret societies in Damascus, formulated conditions under which the arabs could offer to align with the brittish against the turks.
*Faisal’s government became home to the first real ideologists of Pan-arabism
* what these secret societies were asking, was simple comit to independence in all arab provinces of the Ottoman empire andrecognize arab caliphate if one was created , in return for an arab uprising against the turks.
* The /Sharif’s communication with the brittish too the form in 1915-16 of an exchange of letter...
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