Correo electronico

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You've got mail
For many people today it is difficult to remember what life was like without e- mail. It has transformed communication at every level. It is cheap quick versatile and easyto use. An e-mail to australia costs the same as a local phone call. You can attach documents and photograps. With a laptop computer , you can travel with your office , and read or sende-mail any place you can access a telephone line

you can use e -mail to communicate within a company as well as with suppliers and customers at other locations including those in othercountries. Young people communicate with friends by e-mail , and send each other e-mail greeting cards . Whwn traveling, many people look for an internet cafe, not a post office. In 1999, on anaverage day in the United Sattes, 3.5 billion e-mail messages were sent. Before 2005, that figure will exceed 10 billion.

But there is a downside . Hardly anyone writes letters anymore, andmany e-mail are very badly written, and often quite unnecessary. Also , email can follo w you wherever you go with a laptop so there is no escape from work. and email accumulate rapidly-youmany return after a vacation and find hundreds of email

Tienes correo
Para muchas personas hoy en día es difícil recordar cómo era la vida sin e-mail. Se ha transformado la comunicación entodos los niveles. Es versátil baratos rápida y fácil de usar. Un e-mail a Australia cuesta lo mismo que una llamada telefónica local. Puede adjuntar documentos y fotografías. Con una computadoraportátil, usted puede viajar con su oficina, y leer o enviar correo electrónico en cualquier lugar puede acceder a una línea telefónica

Usted puede usar el correo electrónico para comunicarse dentro de unaempresa, así como con proveedores y clientes en otras localizaciones, incluyendo las de otros países. Los jóvenes comunicarse con sus amigos por correo electrónico, y enviar cada uno de otras...
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