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Access to clean, safe drinking water and sanitation continues to be a problem for many Mexicans. Mexico voted in favor of the recently adopted United Nations resolution, however the countrystill has a long way to go in ensuring that all its citizens have access to clean, safe drinking water. According to a recent article on, “the regional U.N. agency also noted that whileareas in northern Mexico, along the U.S. border, had high levels of access to safe water, some parts of central and southern Mexico had very poor access.” and that, “According to the National WaterCommission (Conagua), 9.7 percent of the Mexican population still lacks access to piped water and 13.6 percent to sanitation.”
In Mexico most of the water for human use is extracted from undergroundaquifers. Only about five percent of the 1.5 billion cubic meters of rainfall per year actually infiltrates into the subsoil and recharges the aquifers. According to, “Groundwatersupplies about 80 percent of Mexico City’s usable water. But demand from the over 18 million residents in the great Mexico City area is sucking the aquifers dry and causing the city to slowly sink into thesoft soil of the ancient lakebed. Mexico City has sunk about nine meters over the past century.”
Mexico is one of the world’s top consumers of bottled water with some 8,000 water bottling anddistribution companies operating in the country. Municipal water companies insist the tap water is safe, however in most cases tap water in Mexico is insufficiently treated and not safe for humanconsumption. According to, “Social organizations that advocate for the right to water have reported that tap water in Mexico sometimes contains bacteria, arsenic and heavy minerals, and are callingfor a real-time water quality monitoring system, to improve the National Network for Water Quality Monitoring used by Conagua since 1996.”
Here in Mexico City people frequently refer to the tap...
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