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Costa Rica
Food in Daily LifCostae. Maize is consumed as tortillas, which accompany rice and beans—typically eaten three times a day with eggs, cheese, meat, or chicken and with chayote stew or salad at lunch or supper. The midday meal was once the largest, but the long lunch break has succumbed to a fondness for fast food.
Beverages include coffee, sugary fruit drinks, and soda. Alcoholconsumption is high.
Food Customs at Ceremonial Occasions. Salty appetizers are served at parties and at bars and restaurants. Maize tamales are prepared by hand for Christmas. Other special occasions (birthdays, graduations, marriages) may merit a roasted pig, an elaborate cake, or other sweets.
Basic Economy. Until the 1960s, Costa Rica depended on coffee and bananas for most of its exportearnings. Coffee income was well distributed, which fueled a dynamic commercial sector. After the 1948 Civil War, nationalized banks channeled subsidized loans to neglected regions and new activities. In the 1960s, beef and sugar assumed greater importance, and the country began to industrialize, protected by Central American Common Market tariffs. Following a debt crisis in the early 1980s, the statereduced its role in the economy and promoted export-oriented agriculture and industries. Since the late 1990s, tourism has been the second largest source of dollars, after bananas.
Land Tenure and Property. Costa Rica has an image as an "agrarian democracy," but land distribution is highly unequal. Coffee farms are mostly

Food in Daily Life. Venezuelans have three main meals: a largebreakfast, a large dinner (around noontime), and a very light supper in the evening. Venezuelan hospitality is widespread, so something to drink and eat is expected when visiting someone's home. Arepas, the most distinctive Venezuelan food, are thick disks made of precooked cornmeal, either fried or baked. Large arepas, with a variety of fillings (ham and cheese is the most popular one), areeaten as snacks throughout the day; smaller arepas are typically served as side companions at all meals.

Similar to arepas are empanadas (deep-fried pasties) and cachapas (a pancake/crepe-like dish), which are filled with cheese, ham, and/or bacon. Among the other main Venezuelan dishes are the pabellón criollo, which consists of black beans, fried sweet plantains, white rice, and semi-shreddedmeat ( carne mechada ), all topped with a fried egg. Also popular are pernil (roasted pork), asado (roasted beef), bistec a caballo (steak with fried egg), and pork chops. Fruit juices are also extremely popular and there is also a great variety of salads, although these are traditionally seen as a complementary, not a main, dish.

Tequeños, long small rolls filled with hot cheese or chocolate,take their name from Los Teques, a city just outside Caracas. The typical drink of the llanos, chicha, is made out of ground rice, salt, condensed milk, sugar, vanilla, and ice.

La comida en LifCostae Daily. El maíz se consume como tortillas, que acompañan el arroz y los frijoles, por lo general se come tres veces al día con huevos, queso, carne o pollo y estofado con chayote o ensalada en elalmuerzo o la cena. El almuerzo fue una vez el más grande, pero la pausa del almuerzo tiempo ha sucumbido a una afición por la comida rápida.
Las bebidas incluyen café, bebidas azucaradas de frutas y refrescos. El consumo de alcohol es alto.
Aduana del alimento en ocasiones ceremoniales. Aperitivos salados se sirven en las fiestas y en los bares y restaurantes. Tamales de maíz se prepara a mano parala Navidad. Otras ocasiones especiales (cumpleaños, graduaciones, matrimonios) pueden merecer un cerdo asado, una torta elaborada, u otros dulces.
Economía básica. Hasta la década de 1960, Costa Rica dependía de café y el banano para la mayor parte de sus ingresos de exportación. Ingresos café fue bien distribuido, lo que alimentó un sector comercial dinámico. Después de la Guerra Civil de...
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