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ica de la razon histpricaBefore You Start  Visit the Passport and Visa Information page of the Accenture Portal to identify whether People Mobility services are required for your travel.  Check theImmigration Toolkit for a quick summary of immigration requirements, as an important first step in the end-to-end process of cross-border travel.

My Initiation Process In order to engage anAccenture sponsored travel, you are required to submit a request in My Initiation. By providing key data in My Initiation, you will enable People Mobility to create your profile and assist you throughoutyour assignment (this includes informing you on the allowances and provisions you will be entitled to, if applicable). Please, see below the steps you need to follow in order to start a New Initiation:1) Once on the My Initiation homepage, select “Start the process” in the central section of the page. 2) A Webpage Dialog will appear and you will need to enter your Enterprise ID, Trip Purpose andTraveler Needs.
Note: To request an invitation letter for a Client, click on the tick box at the top right corner of the Webpage Dialog. If the destination country does NOT display in the next step,check with People Mobility whether a Client Invitation letter can be provided for that Host Country.

3) After you click “Ok”, My Initiation will redirect you to the “Apply” and “Immigration” tabs.You will have to fill in all the required fields and submit to the Host Project Manager for approval. Note that for certain country combinations and types of travel, Project Manager Approval will not benecessary. 4) If Project Manager Approval is required, your Host Project Manager will receive an e-mail from “noreply.RMS” asking him/her to provide information relative to your assignment andapprove the request in the system. Note that People Mobility will not receive your My Initiation until the Host Project Manager has approved in the system. 5) You will receive a separate email from People...
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