Critical Essay About "Two Brothers "

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Critical Lens Essay

``No two person regard the world in exactly the same way ‘’by –J.W von Goethe. In others words this quote for me means that noteverybody is satisfied with what they have and they want more. I agree with this quote because says something that is true and it happened when you have a opportunities in achieve your goal but we don’tsee in the right way and we just continue and doing something that not is going to help us in nothing in our lives.

``The Two Brothers ‘’by Leo Tolstoy and support the idea when the younger brotherhad to decided in take risk and to follow about what the stone says and to find happiness but the elder brother decided to stay and not to follow about that message that was it in the stone . Thistext connect with the quote because the elder brother was happy with what he have already and might be that he don’t like to take risk in like because he is insure of himself or he is just negative injust thinking about what will happen. ``Two kinds’’ By Amy Tan and support the idea when Amy’s mother’s wanted to her to be something that she don’t even like or wanted .This text connect with the quotebecause when you have t decided something you have to do it because no one have to decided for you because is what you want not what they want.

The short story ``The two brothers’’ shows us thatin life sometimes is good to take risk but sometimes not well depends what situation you are .The main idea of the work of literature as it connect to you interpretacion is `` The two brothers showus how they are unhappy with what the younger brother have so he decided to follow the message of the stone . The evidence from the story is when the elder brother says ``I am not going into theforest after bear cubs’’ and this for me mean that the elder brother doesn’t want to take risk because he was afraid of going through of the forest ,but the younger brother defenitly took the risk . And...
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