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c:Hi dude
D: Hey, bro! Coming back to reality

C. that’s true, and how was your winter break?

D:Very good! I went out a lot, andhow was yours?

C:Great! But I don’t want to go to school

D:Me neither, and did you go out?

C:yes, I went to downtown with myfriends, to the mall, to valpo, to the cinema

D: Really? What movie did you see?

C:Harry Potter and ice age III, very funnyD:HAHA! Me too, I laughed a lot

C: and where did you go out?

D: I went to the mall too, in fact I saw gala and Christian

C:jaja!It looks like there’s something there

D:Yes, and I guess you did some sport, didn’t you?

C: of course I did, I went running, I didaerobox, and I levanter pesas, and you?

D:Good! That’s great!

C:Yes! And you? What did you do?

D:I went to a restaurant, Iplayed soccer, and I went to the gym
C: AHHH!it looks like! I played soccer too!

D: Yes, where did you play?

C: I played with calulenear here

D: Oh!! I’ve played there, but when I was in the middle of playing soccer, it started to rain

C: Ooh! That’s so bad, anddid you go to any party?

D:mmm, yes, I went out some nights, and you?

C. yes, I ate hot dogs in the cochina

D:jajaja! And whenwill we go there?

C:mmmm this Friday! And you sleep In my house

D.Great! see you then

C:ok, take care bro, god bless

D: Bye
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