Dear charles jones

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John Smith
ACME Corporation
123 Corporate Lane
Milford, CT 06461
March 2, 2007

Charles Jones
Fictiona, Inc.
456 Executive Drive
Anywhere, CT 06777

Dear Charles Jones:

As along-time admirer of the outstanding work that your organization has done in the market, I particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to see how your company functions from the inside. As you indicatedduring our meeting, your organization has grown to a point where it needs to dramatically enhance its accounting function so that it can continue to function effectively.
This correspondence outlinesthe complete scope of work you requested, including objectives, procedures, identification of responsibilities, and estimated fees.

Implement the Model 60 accounting system on the network.Install the Model 60 software, including implementation and setup, training, conversion assistance, and post-conversion support of the library master, general ledger, accounts payable, and importmaster modules. Provide professional assistance related to this new system and coordinate the bridge to and from the Wile Research and Coyot, Ltd. software. Success of this project is dependent not onlyon the software, but also on your personnel's skill, effort, and willingness to work as a cohesive team.

Assist in planning implementation of the Model 60 accountingsystem.
Recommend steps required to successfully install the new system and assist in assembling setup information and accounting data used in the implementation process.
Establish specificationsfor the bridge from the Wile Research software to capture cash receipt information. (Note: Wile Research software has a "general ledger distribution" file that contains information that can be bridgedin detail or summary format. The interface (export file) will be written by Wile Research staff.)
Establish specifications for the bridge from the Coyot, Ltd. software to bridge payment schedules...
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