Denta hygiene

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Dental Hygiene
Professor Joycelyn Dillon, Chair
Pearl Building, room P 201
Dental Hygiene/AAS
Professor: Friedman
Associate Professors: Archer, Cohen-Brown, Cortell, Dreyer, Lam,
Assistant Professors: Bilello, Davide, Dillon, Nilsen-Kupsch
Lecturer: Childs-Williams
Senior CLT: Mahalko
Associate in AppliedScience in
A dental hygienist is a licensed member of the dental health team
who provides educational, clinical and therapeutic services to the
public, according to the individual state Dental Hygiene Practice
Acts. Patient care provided by the dental hygienist includes
collection and assessment of pertinent data, planning and
implementation of care and evaluation of theresults of treatment.
Dental hygiene students are taught responsibility for professional
judgment, ethical conduct and infection control. They learn to
develop an effective and responsible style of communication which
enables them to involve the patient as a partner in care as a necessary
condition for restoring and maintaining the patient’s oral health.
Students treat a broad range of patientswith varied characteristics
and health conditions and are given the opportunity to work in a
variety of health-care settings with different population groups.
The program includes theory, laboratory and clinical practice and
general education courses. Students gain proficiency in clinical skills
by treating patients in our on-campus dental hygiene clinic.
Satisfactory performance in off-campusaffiliated clinics may be
required of each candidate for the Associate in Applied Science
degree with a major in dental hygiene. Computer experience
related to dental hygiene practice is also offered. Prior to beginning
clinical assignments, students must complete a departmental
medical form, provide proof of required immunizations, malpractice
insurance and Health Care Provider CPRcertification.
Students must complete all requirements for the AAS degree
within five years of the date of their matriculation into the dental
hygiene curriculum.
In order to practice dental hygiene, graduates are required to
pass a National Board Examination on the theory of dental hygiene
and a Regional Board Examination on the clinical practice of dental
hygiene. Application for licensure mustbe made to the individual
state(s) where the applicant intends to practice.
Among the employers of the graduates of this program are
private dental practices, public and private health agencies,
hospitals, industrial clinics, government agencies, U.S. Armed
Services, schools of dentistry and dental hygiene and dental supply
The following are the dental hygiene program goals:
•Prepares students to become competent oral health clinicians
who apply current scientific knowledge and skills toward the
prevention of oral diseases.
• Prepares students to be perceptive oral health professionals who
motivate clients toward the attainment and maintenance of
optimal oral health.
• Encourages students to exercise critical thinking in the
development and implementation ofpatient care.
• Prepares students to serve as dental resource personnel and to
assume professional leadership roles in the community.
• Provides opportunities for students to develop interest and
participate in professional organizations.
• Encourages students to continue life-long personal, professional
and educational growth.
• Provides opportunities for students to transfer to baccalaureatedegree programs in dental hygiene and related disciplines.
• Mandates that students apply accepted infection control
protocols for prevention of disease transmission in the dental
environment and community.
• Provides students with skills to communicate clearly in oral and
written presentations.
Criteria for Admission into and Progression within the
Dental Hygiene Curriculum
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